What mistakes to avoid when writing a resume

What mistakes to avoid when writing a resume

What mistakes to avoid when writing a resume

In addition to improperly chosen words  and the use of clichés, you can make other mistakes when writing your resume, which may discourage the HR specialist from reading it. Read what does not belong in the CV and what is good to look after.

  • Too many details from personal life

It goes without saying that  your CV  must not lack your full name, information about your education, previous work experience and the contact at which the HR professional will find you. But what you should definitely leave out of your resume is information about your marital status, political affiliation, religion, and other matters that are purely personal in nature.

  • Improperly selected photo

If you decide to add your photo to the contact details at the beginning of your CV, make sure it is a serious photo, for example similar to the one you have on your ID card. Definitely avoid inserting a photo from a holiday, party, etc.

  • False information

Another huge mistake is providing false or intentionally misinformed information. This most often happens in connection with  work experience , where candidates try to beautify their successes or, conversely, to cover up some failure. But believe me, it's only a matter of time before the true state of affairs comes to light. It is therefore always better to state everything truthfully.

  • Ignoring spelling mistakes

It can sometimes happen to anyone who writes a typo or spelling mistake. It is therefore always necessary to read and check the text written one after the other. If you are not sure about its accuracy, do not be afraid to ask someone else to check.

  • Excessive or insufficient scope

Even when writing a resume, everything is in moderation. It is not appropriate to write a novel for a sequel, but also a telegram. It is generally advisable not to exceed 2 A4 pages. For each employer, do not forget to state the name, address and brief content of your work.

  • Specifying wage requirements

The space for discussion on the topic of your salary requirements will certainly be in  a personal interview . It is therefore not appropriate to include your ideas about salary directly in your CV. However, if for some reason the HR requires this information, state the range rather than the exact amount.

  • Outdated contact information

Before sending your CV, make sure that you have provided your current contact details and that you do not have a typo in your e-mail address or telephone number. Of course, the use of a serious e-mail address, which should ideally consist only of your name and surname. Also avoid using "funny" addresses.

In general, your CV should be concise, clear and concise. At the same time, he should impress the HR with appropriately chosen formatting and uniform editing.